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DMX-controlled operation or stand alone operation with Master/Slave-function48 preprogrammed scenes in Program Run for stand alone operationNumber of scenes in Program Run can be changed individuallyThe scenes in Program Run can be modified via the Control Board or via an external controller and loaded into the memory 8 built-in programs can be called up via DMX-controllerSound-controlled via built-in microphoneColour-wheel 1 with 8 different, dichroic colour-filtres and whiteColour-wheel 2 with 5 different, dichroic colour-filtres and white and additionally with correction-filters 3,200 K and 5,600 K and UV-filterSwitchable colour change (mode 1: only full colours, mode 2: colour-change at every position)Rainbow-effect with adjustable speed in both directionsGobo-wheel 1 with 4 rotating gobos plus openAll gobos can be interchangedGobo-wheel 2 with 5 static metal gobos plus openWith gobo-shake functionEffect-wheel with rotating 3-facet-prism, 5-facet-prism, 7-facet-prism, 9-facet-prism and 3D-prismStepless frost-filter The prisms rotate in both directions and at different speeds, prism index functionMacro-function for rotating gobos/rotating prism combinationsMotorized multi-step-zoom with four different aperturesMotorized focusSteplessly adjustable irisStrobe-effect with 1-13 flashes per second via shutterMechanic dimmerExact positioning via 16 bit Pan/Tilt movement resolutionControl-Board with 4-digit display and foil-keyboard for adjusting the DMX-starting address, Pan/Tilt-Reverse, Program, Reset, lamp on/off, operating hoursFor extremely bright 1200 W HMI-lampDMX-control via every standard DMX-controller